How to Follow Your Favorite Wall Street Analysts 👨‍💻

Lincoln Olson Updated by Lincoln Olson

We just released a new feature: You can now follow your favorite analysts.

How to Follow Analysts

There are 2 ways to follow analysts:

#1 - From Top Analysts

  • Navigate to Top Analysts
  • Scan or search for an analyst you want to follow
  • Hit the Follow icon next to the analyst’s name

#2 - From Analyst Profiles

  • Navigate to an analyst profile
  • Hit the Follow Analyst button

What happens after you start following an analyst?

How to Get Analyst Updates

There are 2 ways to view your followed analysts’ updates:

#1 - From your Dashboard

  • Head to your Dashboard (by clicking the WallStreetZen logo while signed in)
  • Then scroll down to the Followed Analysts section

The Analysts Feed will show you the most recent ratings updates from your followed analysts.

#2 - Turn on Email Digests

From there, to receive an email each time an analyst you follow issues a new rating, toggle on ‘Email updates’

These updates will come in a separate email from your Watchlist emails.

Here’s a sample of what that email will look like:Your Access

  • Premium users can follow and receive updates from up to 200 analysts.
  • Basic users can follow and receive updates from up to 5 analysts.

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