How can I use the Top Analysts feature to quickly uncover stock ideas or research my existing positions?

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What does the "smart money" know that you don't?

Have you ever wondered what they're buying and selling, and why?

The top banks and brokerages in the world hire analysts who spend all their time researching stocks and giving forecasts. Wouldn't it be nice to know what they're saying?

With WallStreetZen's Top Analysts, now you can.

Not only that, but our algorithm ranks these analysts so you can follow the very best performers and see all of their most recent updates.

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If you don't have 10 minutes to spare, here are the main points to get you started:

Using the Top Analysts feature to find your next stock pick

Our algorithm evaluates and ranks over 3,000 analysts based on 3 factors:

  • Average return
  • Win rate
  • Number of ratings

We track historical analyst recommendations and identify top performing analysts so you can get stock ideas and forecasts from proven performers. By factoring in both historical performance and consistency, you can be sure the top analysts are displaying real stock-picking skill.

You can filter by Sector and Industry, and Premium users can sort by Primary Sector and Latest Rating:

Let's take a look at the portfolio of our currently #1 ranked analyst, Leo Mariani:

It looks like Leo maintained a Strong Buy rating on Talos Energy 2 days ago, a company his been recommending for quite some time. Let's take a closer look at TALO.

By clicking on the ticker, we're taken to the Forecast page:

From here, we can see that 4 analysts currently have ratings the company, 3 strong buys and 1 hold. All 4 analysts are in the top 15% of analysts ranked on WallStreetZen, so we know each of their analyses carries weight.

Based on their rankings, I've added TALO to my "Further Due Diligence" watchlist for additional review.

Now, what else can we learn from these analysts?

Using the Top Analysts feature to research existing positions

What does the "smart money" have to say about your current portfolio?

Let's use the tool to research a stock I already own, AAPL. Again, I'll head to the Forecast page:

Based on the 26 analysts offering ratings, 15 are Strong Buys, 4 are Buys, and 7 are Holds - giving a consensus of Strong Buy. Top Rated Analyst Tim Long has a Hold rating, so I can click "Find out why" to get the scoop on his rating.

After reading his comments and deciding they're not substantial enough for me to change anything, I'm content to leave my Apple position as is.

I'll double check to make sure AAPL is in my "My Portfolio" watchlist, then move on to the next stock I own.

And there you have it, two ways to make great use of the Top Analysts feature.

Remember, Premium users have unlimited access to the analyst database and the ability to sort by Latest Recommendation, while Free users are limited to just 10 analyst profiles per month. If you'd like a $1 trial run of WallStreetZen, hit the link below.

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