How do you perform a detailed comparison of multiple stocks at once?

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There are 5 ways to compare multiple stocks side-by-side:

  • In your watchlist
  • "Compare In Screener" (from your watchlist)
  • Adding specific tickers into the Screener
  • By industry
  • By specific metric (or metrics)

Let's break each one down.

In your watchlist

Head over to your watchlist. It should look something like this:

Boom. You're comparing stocks side-by-side.

For a more detailed comparison of your stocks, you'll want to utilize the Screener (keep reading).

"Compare In Screener" (from your watchlist)

From inside your watchlist, click "Compare in Screener":

This will take all of the stocks from your watchlist and add them into the Screener where you can compare your stocks using almost every data point on WallStreetZen:

Adding specific tickers into the Screener

Technically speaking, all that we really did in the last step is apply a filter to look at the specific tickers in your watchlist. You can see the filter here:

We can do the same thing by manually adding specific tickers:

By industry

We can also compare an individual stock to its entire industry.

On any stock's Overview page, scroll down:

By specific metric (or metrics)

Finally, if you're looking to compare a stock's ROE, ROA, earnings, or revenue to its industry average, head to the stock's Forecast page:

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