How are you ranking analysts? Why are some top analysts ranked high despite a low return?

Lincoln Olson Updated by Lincoln Olson

Why is Christoper Carey ranked 1,150th, despite an average return of 719%?

And how can Leo Mariani be ranked 1st with an average return of just 70%?

Our analyst ranking algorithm takes 3 factors into account: Average return, win rate, and consistency (or total number of ratings).

Christopher Carey's average return was generated on only 1 rating. Yes, the return is massive, but the analyst has not shown consistent performance over many ratings to receive a higher ranking.

Leo Mariani, on the other hand, has an average return of nearly 70% on 146 ratings, with a 92% win rate. Though his average return is lower than Christopher's, he is ranked higher because of the consistency he has demonstrated.

The algorithm was created this way because it is significantly harder to maintain a track record of high returns over hundreds of ratings.

You can also read more about our methodology here.

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