How often is your data updated?

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Short answer: It depends on the field.

Some of our data updates every few seconds, some of it updates everyday, some of it updates at irregular periods, and some of it updates quarterly or yearly.

All of our data is sourced from third-party providers, each of whom receives the very latest information and updates.

Data that updates every few seconds
  • The best example of data that updates every few seconds are stock prices.
Data that updates everyday
  • Most of our valuation measurements (P/E, P/S, etc.) use each stock's closing price in their calculations - expect many of these to update daily.
  • Since a number of due diligence checks in the Valuation dimension of Zen Score rely on these figures, you may also see Zen Scores changing each day.
  • On the Forecast page, we show the upside/downside % of each analyst price target. These percentages are calculated based on stocks' closing prices and will recalculate each day.
  • For Premium users, if there is a catalyst behind a stock's larger-than-average price movement, look for "Why Price Moved"
Data that updates at irregular periods

There are a number of data points that change whenever there is a new update to display:

  • Analyst updates (and the data reliant upon their forecasts)
  • News & Statistics
  • Insider transactions
Data that updates quarterly or yearly

Other information may update only quarterly or yearly, when companies release their quarterly reports or make changes to their dividend programs.

Anything involving these figures (primarily the Earnings pages and the Financials, Performance, and Dividend dimensions) should be expected to change only a few times throughout the year.

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