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Welcome to WallStreetZen

Welcome to WallStreetZen! 👋 We're so glad you're here. To improve your experience and help you get the most out of all of our tools and features, we've created this 'Getting Started with WallStreetZe…

Nate Tsang
Updated 1 month ago by Nate Tsang

How can I use Zen Score to save myself hours of painful fundamental analysis?

As a busy, part-time investor, you know how hard it is to decide which models, formulas, and ratios you should be using in your fundamental analysis. Plus, even after you have your system down, the w…

Lincoln Olson
Updated 2 weeks ago by Lincoln Olson

How can I use the Top Analysts feature to quickly uncover stock ideas or research my existing positions?

What does the "smart money" know that you don't? Have you ever wondered what they're buying and selling, and why? The top banks and brokerages in the world hire analysts who spend all their time rese…

Lincoln Olson
Updated 1 day ago by Lincoln Olson

Why does a stock have a low Zen Score but also show as a Strong Buy?

How can Live Nation Entertainment simultaneously have a Zen Score of 18 and have a Strong Buy consensus? At first glance, these figures might appear to be contradicting one another. But, by the end o…

Lincoln Olson
Updated 2 weeks ago by Lincoln Olson

How can I use the Screener to never run out of new stocks to buy?

It's been a long time since I last came up empty-handed trying to find new stocks to add to my portfolio. Although I frequently use the Top Analysts feature (as noted in this article ), the Screener…

Lincoln Olson
Updated 4 days ago by Lincoln Olson